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changed my mind May 31, 2012

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Today I revisited podcasting. However, I’m still trying to figure out how to post mine :/

And I read this really interesting article about a teacher who uses podcasts regularly in his class as a way of assessment and motivation. I particularly like how at the end of each chapter or section of material, he has the children record a summary of what they learned. I think podcasting is a great way to have the students reflect and really think about what they learned, and its a good way for the teacher to make sure the students are actually learning. The teacher also said that having the students know that their work is seen and heard all over the country provides extra motivation. I could see how knowing that someone other than their teacher is getting to see and hear their hard work.

When I originally brainstormed ideas about how to use podcasts, I wasn’t even thinking about having the students record them, I only thought about the benefits of ME creating them. Which, if you had an entire class playlist of podcasts, a mix of student and teacher-created tracks, I could then see the benefit in the teacher recording podcasts of lessons and whatnot so that the students could use them to review for test or just reflect on what they learned.


Smart, M. (2008, November 12). [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/podcasting-student-broadcasts


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