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life outside of class May 29, 2012

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In other news, I do have a life outside of my class.

Some of my roommates and best friends left on a flight to India 2 days ago and will be gone until the end of July. They’re starting an after-school program for an HIV/AIDS orphanage where some of our friends help out at. I’m so sad they’re gone, these are the people I literally spend ALL of my time with and now they’re millions of miles away and I don’t really have a way to contact them! But at the same time I’m so proud of the work they’ll be doing, they’re putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation (the average temp over there is 105) soley for the benefit of these children.


From left to right: Brianna, Camille, Austin, Jill, Jaes, Sierra, Brittany, and Mikalyn

I have a particularly tight bond with Jill and Mikalyn. Me and Jill were roommates this year and she has been kind of a mentor to me. She has so much wisdom to share and constantly has a positive upbeat attitude.


Mikalyn and I have been best friends since our early high school years. This is literally the funniest girls you’ll ever meet. She’s that girl thats hilarious without even trying, just the manner in which she says things gets me every time. She’s also that girl that I call at 2am when I can’t sleep that will go out and get Choo Choo’s with me, or will take me to work at 7am when I miss the bus. So basically…she’s my go-to girl. What in the world am I supposed to do for 2 months without a go-to girl?!


Aside from my best friends leaving, my entire household basically split up for the summer, and since almost all of us are living with totally different people, I guess it means we split up for good 😦 It’s been such a memorable year with these girls!


Looking on the bright side though, the one roommate that is actually staying with me this summer got a puppy! So far he has proved to be a pain in the butt…but he’s a CUTE pain in the butt!!


Speaking of dogs, I’ve been housesitting for a couple at my church while they’re on vacation, and they have a huge part-hound dog named Red that has been my bff for the past week. Literally all this dog does is eat, sleep, and poop/pee. Thats it. He doesn’t like to cuddle, he doesn’t like to play (or maybe thats just me), and he doesn’t really do anything funny. The only fun thing about this dog are his sleeping positions. Honestly, they kill me. First of all, he gets an entire couch to himself. Yes, this family bought a couch for their DOG. It’s hilarious to me. I took this picture while he was napping yesterday afternoon. How does he sleep like that?!


ps- he also snores.

So that’s about all that’s going on in my life outside of class and work (I work at the infamous Miller Student Learning Center- its GREAT). However, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with Red’s latest sleeping positions, don’t worry.


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