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Tagxedo May 28, 2012

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This is my Tagxedo about snakes that are native to Georgia. So simple to create but looks so much more interesting than just a bullet list of snakes!

With Tagxedo you just insert your text, choose what shape you want, and choose your color scheme. It’s really really simple. I could use something like this to introduce chapters and information (such as snakes that are native to Georgia) or even just having them as a visual aid in my teaching slides. Tagxedo is *FREE* and you can create as many as you like and save them to a public gallery and it gives you a direct link to your image as well.

The one thing I wish was different about Tagxedo is that it would have more shapes to choose from. You’re pretty limited with the options, so I could use this for some (but not much) animal identification but I’m afraid it would limit my students’ creativity. I liked that they had a pretty big range of themes to choose from, but I couldn’t figure out the “add more themes” option so I just had to choose one of the pre-made ones.

The ability to choose how many different fonts were used was really cool. I liked that you could have a variety of fonts used in a single project, or you could use the same font for all the words.

I found a teacher’s blog about technology in the classroom and she used Tagxedo for a poetry assignment. Apparently I was wrong about not being able to choose your image. This teacher says that the generator recognizes frequently used words and then generates a shape for you. How would this work with scientific names of trees I wonder?…



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