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Making Progress! May 28, 2012

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Since my last post I’ve already finished my Tagxedo about snakes that are native to Georgia and a Wordle about FFA. That should tell you how easy these 2 graphics are to make!

Wordles are very similar to Tagxedos, except you can’t choose a specific shape for your words and it doesn’t automatically repeat your text (that is, it only uses each word one time unless you enter the word multiple times, then it makes that word bigger). With Wordle you insert your text, choose your color scheme, and choose whether you want your words to be displayed horizontally, vertically, or half-and-half.

I wanted to find a way to make the theme word bigger than the others, because I’d seen a few in the gallery that had done that, but I never could figure that out. Ideally I wanted “FFA” to be the biggest word because all the other words described or dealt with FFA. Some other examples had things like “Mrs. Finks Class” in bigger letters and the smaller words described her class. But I was really disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

I liked that there was a variety of fonts and color choices and you could create your own theme if you didn’t really like the pre-made ones. I loved how easy this tool is, the majority of my time was spent on choosing what text I wanted to use rather than figuring out how to make it look cool, that part was easy.

I think this would be something cool to have in the classroom as a visual aid, in a presentation, or a project for students to do with assigned words. For example, I could assign them a region in Georgia and they would have to insert text that described the soil, animals that lived there, climate, etc.

This generator was the easiest tool I’ve used so far, and the most fun. I think this can be used in creative ways to introduce and aid students in learning new material or for use with more creative project ideas.

There’s a blog for new teachers and one of the first tutorial post they did was on Wordle. The author of the blog post explains step-by-step how to use Wordle and gives examples of projects that can be done with Wordle. One of the project ideas she shared was something called Guess the Wordle. The students were shown a word cloud (created on Wordle) that was made up of words that described a particular animal and they had to guess the animal. The author suggested that this could be used as an opening activity- and notice that the teacher devoted an entire blog to these Guess The Wordles. I love it!



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