EDIT 2000 :: Maymester

3 weeks spent flexing my technological and creative muscles in order to become a better (future) educator

I just love this course May 28, 2012

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With about a week left of class, I’m suddenly realizing how much I’ve learned! More than ever I am so ready to teach!

I was showing one of my friends my blog and website and all the things I’d been working on the other night and she was like “how in the world do you know about all these cool things online?!” and I simply replied that I learned it in class. Thats right, I learned practical information from a college course. Not that I don’t learn applicable stuff in other classes, but this was a non-education major I was talking to. I’m not only learning nerdy agriculture stuff in this class, but information thats relevant to alot of people. It makes me want to tell all of my friends to take this course!

I don’t say all of this to suck up to my awesome teacher (heyyy Gretchen 🙂 ), I’m just feeling really reflective and grateful for what I’ve learned so far. Its funny because my expectations of this course were totally different. I thought I would be learning how to use a smartboard and make pretty powerpoints and stuff like that, not ways to be a more creative and interesting teacher. If I’ve become so intrigued by these teaching tools I can’t wait to see how much more my future students will love them!


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