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2 in one day? May 28, 2012

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Yeahhh, I know I literally JUST posted a blog post but I can’t wait to share my finished Glog!

I already shared a little about what Glogster is, but you should seriously check it out. I can’t wait to have my students to some projects with this website! I created my Glog about what my class is all about. I included videos about agriculture and FFA, the FFA emblem, a poster print about the relevancy of agriculture, identification charts on fish and cattle, pictures of animal fur and skulls, key words like “leadership” and “teamwork”, and basically everything I want my students to remember my class by! My brain is full of ideas on how my students could learn about different animal groups and horticulture using this tool!

One of the problems I had with Glogster was that I didn’t really know where to stop…ha! I do wish that you could make the board smaller, but I guess with that you could just make everything on the board bigger to take up space. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to change the background color from white. However, I was using the free account, so maybe with the paid accounts you can do that kind of stuff.

The graphics on Glogster are AWESOME! There are so many to choose from and it has them categorized so its easier to browse for what you’re looking for. There are also these little text boxes that are so neat to me, I used 2 of them in my Glog. So instead of just having floating words, it gives them cute little backgrounds and whatnot.

I found a short article about Glogster that gives a brief explanation of what you an do with Glogster. A teacher commented on the article saying that she had personally used Glogster with her class and had great success with it.



Melancon, M. (2010, December 13). Integrating glogster [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/groups/technology-integration-high-school/35750


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