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Yay! May 27, 2012

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It took a little time and great frustration but I finally figured out Prezi!! I worked long and hard on this presentation so be nice with the criticism! 🙂

It wasn’t that difficult once I played around with it for awhile. I didn’t like any of the themes or designs they had pre-made (there was only like 5 or 6 to choose from) so I tackled the task of making my own. Making my own theme was a little more time consuming but it left me with much more relevant product. I copied a picture of a forest, added my title, and set the frame to be the opening slide.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? All it took was a little creativity and alot of undos and deletes. I didn’t insert any videos and only a few images, although I could see how those would be really helpful! I just wanted to spend more time playing around with the different graphics and paths rather than content. There are different frames for pictures and information, shapes, lines, arrows, and organizing charts available under the “insert” section that I found really helpful. There’s also a tool to draw and highlight!

One thing I particularly like about Prezi is the Theme Wizard where it guides you step-by-step to allow you to choose your background and font colors and preview what it will look like as you go. It was really simple and easily change-able.

The only thing I didn’t like was how time consuming it was until I got everything figured out. I could see this taking a lot of time to explain how to use it to my students. I could also see students getting frustrated if they can’t figure it out and then just doing half-effort work.With the time constraints that most classes face, I’m not sure it’d be worth spending 2 class periods helping them figure out the program rather than focusing on the material.

Searching for articles about Prezi was easy, it’s a pretty popular program right now. This article focuses on the benefits of Prezi compared to a typical powerpoint. Everyone seems to be big fans of the single-canvas feature with Prezi. Instead of displaying ideas on multiple slides, the great thing about Prezi is the ability to display it on one big story board with the option to zoom in and focus on different parts while also maintaing the big pictures.

Not that the information in my Prezi was particularly exciting but I guarantee that if I copy and pasted the text into a regular powerpoint presentation it would be 92% less interesting. Prezi just makes things a little more interesting and engaging 🙂 Please check out Prezi, it’s free and fun once you get it figured out!


Bissram, V. (2012, May 18). [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2012/05/18/prezi/


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