EDIT 2000 :: Maymester

3 weeks spent flexing my technological and creative muscles in order to become a better (future) educator

Doing to Learn May 24, 2012

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Hello world! My name is Sandy and I’m a 2nd (going on my 3rd) year student at the University of Georgia studying Agriculture Education. This summer I’m taking a course (EDIT 2000) on technology in education. So far, so good I would say. Technology is not a strong candidate on my list of skills, but I feel like I’m learning a lot. I’ve been so inspired by the activities we’ve done and I have a lot of ideas about how I can apply them to my future class!

A brief rundown of what we’ve done so far:

  • virtually designed my ideal future classroom
  • used a program called Jing to create an infomercial about a form of technology of our choosing. This is mine 🙂
  • created my own website using Google Sites to display and write about all our work (it was surprisingly really simple!)
  • created a professional social media identity for ourselves using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.
  • made a slowmation video using iMovie about Bullying (we got to choose our own topics)

What we’re working on now is something called a Creativity Contract. Basically we’re exploring different facets of creativity in technology like blogging (heh), podcasts, image editing, Prezi, puzzles/gaming, brainstorming, etc. So while I had already wanted to explore the blogging world, I can’t say I have totally objective reasoning.

What I hope to do with this whole blogging experience is to build a strong profile of what I’m learning so that I can go back and remember everything I was so inspired by in this class. Also, to give everyone a big picture of what this class has to offer because it has been the best class I’ve taken at UGA thus far.

So I promise to post all my thoughts and projects if you promise to comment with any suggestions on how I can build on my ideas, or anything to help make the material more relevant to a CTE class (Career and Technical Education).

Lets do this.


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